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imagine being a part of group of people who are committed to loving God by loving you and meeting your needs

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to connect people to small groups of faith and love


We believe that when Jesus said “by this shall you be known in the world, by your love for one another” We are not a denominiation or institution. On the contrary, we offer no branding, no governing structures, no control, restrictions or mediation; we have no methods to follow, and we request no payment for our services.

Our vision is simply to connect small groups together. It is to provide an online place where people wanting to know God can connect with small groups where they can experience the love of God through His people. 

We believe God is calling His people into small groups that will finally fulfill Jesus’ desire that we would be known in the world by our love for one another. 

It is not hard. It is love. And it is what we are designed for.  

Why Small Groups?

 Our call is to love another, and no-one can love a crowd. Big meetings can carry a sense of energy or excitement, but they do not create an atmosphere for love. Why? Because love is like a conversation–it flows in the greatest measure in the smallest numbers.

If we are to love one another, our greatest focus must be placed on our smallest groups. Our vision needs to be on building a growing family rather than creating a successful organization. The Early Church intentionally met in homes, not because they could not afford a building, but because they gathered to love one another. Our call is to do the same.



“So what does the love of Christ look like? When we look at Scripture we find that Jesus loved people primarily by meeting their needs. When the people needed teaching, Jesus taught them. When they needed feeding, He fed them. When they needed healing, He healed them. And when people needed saving, Jesus saved them…

“Jesus laid down His life, not only at the cross, but every day as He met the needs of those around Him. He made Himself the least of all by constantly putting other people’s needs ahead of His own. Just as it did for Jesus, when the self-sacrificial love of God is poured into our hearts, it compels us to lay down our lives for others by meeting their needs. It compels us to give and keep giving. “

From the book, First Love


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about the design of love?

“Choose life, by loving God, hearing His voice, and living in union with Him, for this is your life.” (Deut 30:19-20)

First Love is a great book that outlines God’s design for a life of love. It is available free here:

Do the groups all follow the same pattern?

Not at all. These groups share the same vision and foundation: to love God with all their heart and soul, and to love one another; but this is expressed in many unique ways. Some groups may meet in homes, others in cafes or offices, wherever the Holy Spirit leads. Some groups may have a focus on worship, others on prayer or teaching, others on fellowship. Some groups may run weekly, others fortnightly or monthly. Some people may connect with only one group, others may be a part of many groups. There is complete freedom.  

How can I connect with a group?

Enter in your details, and someone will contact you.  

Will I need to give to others?

Our vision is to bring people into the love of God, which will naturally lead people to want to give to meet the needs of others. No one is ever compelled or manipulated to give to meet need. Everyone is free. 

How can I donate? 

Please contact us if you feel led to support this project.